Mario's Stories and Fights

It's all about Mario, his stories and battles


The site

  1. What is this place?

    This place is probably the ultimate site dedicated towards Mario ever. It's called Mario Stories and Battles.

  2. Who runs this site?

    Me, Austin Davis. I happily run this site for DSi users to communicate. You can use your computer as well to acess the page. 

  3. What can you do here?

    You can communicate, check the news, contact me about any problems, even members can input the location of where you live. While computer users can even play games in my arcade. Explore and be sure to have fun.

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  1. Who is Mario

    You're insane if you don't know who Mario is!!! I guess I will tell you though. Mario is the red capped plumber always saving Princess Peach from Bowser.

  2. Why is Mario being this popular?

    Well, I can't explain why but I can explain how I came to making this site. I was on DSiHub when someone said I should make a website for my RPG, Mario's Adventure. I took that info and made this website you see today.

  3. Are you addicted to Mario?

    Of course not!

  4. Who made Mario in the first place?

    Nintendo! Anyone could have answered that.

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Other pages

  1. What is in the arcade?

    Many different games. Keep checking the arcade for more games.

  2. What's Videos all about?

    It's easy. You get the URL from the video you want to post. Then you put a title. Finally, give the video a description.

  3. What is Photo Gallery?

    A place where you can post images of Mario or Mario-related things like Goombas. That's Photo Gallery.

  4. About Coming Soon, what's that for?

    Coming Soon.. is a place where you can see the next RPG I am going to be doing. I post them on DSiHub's Blogs! app. I might post a sneak peek for those who don't have the Blogs! app or even a DSiHub account.

  5. Are there any DSi compatible games?

    Sorry, but no. :(

  6. Is the arcade free?

    Yes, it's free.

  7. Are you finished with the other pages?

    I'm glad to say no. I will still be working on it. Have fun even though it's not much right now.

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  1. It won't let me play the games, what's wrong?

    If you're on a DSi, I must tell you it don't support Flash at all. Although if your on a computer and this is happening, try updating your flash.

  2. I can't log in. What should I do?

    Try your Webs account. If you don't have one, click the register button. Click it if you had an account on the old system as well, because there is a new system Webs is using. All accounts on the old system were erased.

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  1. What do you do in the forums?

    I made it for feedback on the Mario stories. (Ex. How it could be improved)

  2. Are guests allowed to post in the forums?

    I'm sorry to say no. The system will only let members use it for posting. But for guests, put @forumname: your message. I will post it in the forums in my name for you. Your welcome in advance.

  3. What are the rules of the forums?

    1. No swearing. 2. No dating. I mean it. 3. Do not go off topic with the category. That's what the Off Topic category will be for. 4. If you accidentally post a forum in the wrong category, Let me know. I will lock the original along with copying everything written on the original forum post. Then, I will put all the data onto the new post. Follow the rules or the forum gets locked.

  4. Why was my forum locked?

    You failed to follow the rules. (For more info, go to the previous F.A.Q. question)

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