Mario's Stories and Fights

It's all about Mario, his stories and battles

mario adventure #1: The 10 super stars(part 1)

 One day, Mario was walking with Peach when, as usual, Bowser kidnaps Peach along with the 10 Grand Stars. Without the Super Stars, the Mushroom Kingdom will break apart! Mario sets off on his adventure to retrieve the Super Stars. The Mushroom Kingdom has already broken into 10 parts. Mario starts in Stage 1. Objective: Use Bob-ombs t destroy the blocks. One of them contain a Super Star. Mario tosses a Bob-omb at 3 blocks. BOOM! No Super Stars there. " There's 3 more blocks. I can destroy them though. The Super Star has to be in one of them. BOOM! Mario found a Super Star. Mario has 1/10 Super Stars. Part of the Mushroom Kingdom goes back to normal. "Let's go!" Mario starts in Stage 2. Objective: Slide down the Ice Slide to find a Super Star. Don't get killed on the way down. Mario starts sliding. Holes start to appear by explosions. Now Koopas are coming up. Mario quickly avoids them. Finally, Mario gets to the bottom. "Oh, a Super Star." Mario now has 2/10 Super Stars. To be continued...

mario adventure #2:  the 10 super stars(part 2)

Mario was shouting, "Oh yeah! I got it."  Now Mario must fight for Super Stars. Mario started in Stage 3. Objective: Defeat Thwomp!!! Mario jumps up the steps towards the top where the Thwomp is. MARIO VS THWOMP:

Mario(100/100) used jump! Thwomp lost 48 hp. Thwomp(52/100) used fall! Mario dodges then uses ground pound! Thwomp lost 50 hp. Mario(100/100) used hammer! Thwomp lost 25 hp and died! Mario wins!

"That tears it! You're not getting my Super Star that easily." Thwomp's trying to get away. Mario wall jumps off Thwomp and knocks him down. The Super Star comes out of Thwomp! Mario now has 3/10 Super Stars. Toad calls Mario's cell phone. "Mario, 2 more parts of the Mushroom Kingdom have come together. Have you been collecting the Super Stars for us?" "Of course I have!" Mario said. "Okay, just keep finding the Super Stars." Toad replied. "Here we go! Bye!"

To be continued...

mario adventure #3: the 10 super stars(part 3)

Mario goes on toward the next stage. Mario starts in stage 4. Objective: Collect all 150 dots in the maze. Watch out for Boos. Start game! Mario heads into the maze. Mario has started to collect dots. He has 25 dots now. He now has 50 dots. Mario now has half the dots in the maze. Wow, Mario is collecting dots like crazy!!! Mario has 125 dots. Keep it up. Mario has 5 more dots to go. 4.....3.....2.....1.....0! A Super Star comes out in front of Mario. Mario has 4/10 Super Stars. Another part of the Mushroom Kingdom comes back together. "Yahoo!" said Mario. Mario starts in Stage 5. Objective: Defeat Bowser. Mario jumps into the pipe after preparing for the battle. "Mario! How dare you come after me like this. My power may be draining, but I can still win." !!!Bowser wants to fight!!!

Mario(100/100) used extinguish! Bowser lost 30 hp and lost his flame for 3 turns. Bowser can't use his fire! Bowser(70/100) used shell attack! Mario jumps over the shell but on the final jump, hits Bowser! Bowser lost 40 hp. Mario(100/100) used giant hammer! Bowser lost 45 hp. Bowser fainted! WINNER: Mario! Rewards: Super Star x1, hp boost(+50 hp.).

Another part of the Mushroom Kingdom comes back together. Riiiiing! Toad is calling Mario. "Mario, my brother has a Super Star. He should be nearby. Find him." "Okay Toad, I'll look for him." Click! "Mario, there you are. I was looking for you. I found another Super Star." It's Toad's brother, Toad. Toad gives him a Super Star. Mario now has 6/10 Super Stars! Mario has almost restored all of the Mushroom Kingdom! Can Mario complete the Mushroom Kingdom puzzle. Only 4 more stars to go.

To be continued...

mario adventure #4: mario and the 10 super stars(part 4)

Last time Mario got another 3 Super Stars. He is now up to 6 Super Stars of the 10. Peach is still trapped by Bowser. Now let's get back to the story.

Stage 6/10: Objective: Climb up the Death Stairs. There are 5 steps. Kill all enemies to get the ramp to appear to the next step. Stage start!!!

Step 1 Enemies: Goomba. Mario vs. Goomba. Battle start!!!!!

Mario(100/100) used ground pound! Goomba lost 124 hp. Goomba was owned and fainted! Here's the winner: Mario!!! Mario gets an hp boost for defeating Goomba. Mario can advance to Step 2.

Step 2 enemies: Goomba(x2), and Koopa. Mario vs. 2 Goombas. Battle start!!!!!

Mario(125/125) used ground pound! Goomba lost 125 hp. 1 Goomba left. Goomba(50/50) used dash attack! Mario jumped on Goomba as it attacked! Goomba lost 50 hp. The winner: Mario!!!

Mario vs. Koopa. Battle START!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario(125/125) used jump! Mario managed a double jump combo!  Koopa was knocked off the battlefield. Winner: Mario!!! Ramp to 3rd step revealed.

Much more fighting later...

Step 5 final enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MARIO VS. BOB-OMB!

Mario throws the bob-omb all the way down the bottom step.

Bob-omb exploded! Mario wins! Rewrd: Super Star. Mario now has 7/10 Super Stars.

Stage 8 Objective: Get to the front of the airship and destroy the box.

Part 1: Speed Dash: Dash over the cracks. Mario completed part 1/5.

Part 2: Leap of Faith: Clear the long jump. Mario starts. Now he jumps. He's halfway there. He made the jump!!! Mario completed part 2/5 and avoided part 3/5 and 4/5!

Part 5: Destroy the box. Box requires 500 hits. 490...480...470...460...450...440...430...420...410...400...390...380...



130...120...110...100...90...80...70...60...50...40...30...20...10...0 hits remaining! The box has been destroyed. Mario has 8/10 Super Stars. Riiiiing! It's toad. "Hey Toad. What do you need?" "Mario, I am sending you another Super Star. That's Stage 9. Just wait for the Super Star. Goodbye." "Bye Toad."

Stage 9 Objective: Wait for the Super Star.


Mario has 9/10 Super Stars! With the Mushroom Kingdom almost back to normal, Mario must still get the last Super Star from Bowser. Along with that, Peach. Mario sneaks past Bowser and gets the axe.(As seen in SMB) The final Super Star comes out of Bowser's hand. "Mario, Mario. You've saved the Mushroom Kingdom. You even saved me. Thank you Mario." Peach kisses Mario.

The end...

Mario has saved Peach. Now we roll the credits.

Oh, there are no credits... Ah well. Until next time...